Tripods and Nikon Live View

In my ongoing quest for the sharpest possible photographs, I never thought that my sturdy tripod might cause some fuzzy images. Until now. Please read here for an illuminating article on the ‘perfect tripod.’

I don’t suggest that you rush out and buy the RRS tripod. $1000 tripods are not on anyone’s everyday shopping list.  But I do encourage you to try the laser pointer test. You can buy an inexpensive one here:

Also, you Nikon owners with Live View might like to know that the image seen on the rear LCD screen of your camera is image data sent directly from the sensor. This is data unencumbered by the mirror and prism of the viewfinder, and it is the best possible image view for clarity and sharpness.

Unfortunately, viewing these screens in daylight is challenging. To the rescue comes the Hoodman Loupe. This is a portable viewer that can be placed over the LCD screen. It provides a clear, shaded view of your screen. Highly recommended. See here for Scott Kelby’s recommendation:

I might add that the Hoodman Loup is also worthwhile when reviewing images on any DSLR.  Here’s a link to an offering from B&H :


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