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Photo of the Week: Donn Roberts

Photo of the Week: Donn Roberts

The Photo of the Week feature is a chance for my students to share their photographs and get a proactive critique from me, my pro photographer friends, as well as visitors to this site. If you are interested in being featured here, please submit photographs (jpegs at 1080 pixels, quality level of 8-10) via email  to 
Donn Roberts photograph of a woman in La Paz Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia 2002

Photographer Donn Roberts © All Rights Reserved

 My student, Donn Roberts, is a very accomplished photographer. For many years, Donn and his wife have traveled to the far corners of the earth, interacting with native cultures and taking thousands of photographs. Donn took this week’s Photo of the Week in La Paz, Bolivia in 2002 and it shows Donn at his best; unobtrusive with a great eye for the human touch. The balance of this image is perfect with the corner lines of the building providing a focal point for the figure. All the angles and straight lines are counterpoints to the roundness of her hat and the platter of food. The color scheme is very dynamic with the reds of the food platter and the little embroidered flowers of her hat contrasting with the muted blues, greys and taupe. The woman’s expression is extraordinary; composed and alive with the obvious need to sell her food while maintaining a worldly dignity.    
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